Introduction the NEPSI Good Practice Training Packs

The NEPSI Good Practice Training Packs are part of the education step in implementing the NEPSI Good Practices.

Each PowerPoint Training pack covers a topic relevant for workers across all industries that use materials containing crystalline silica. The packs provide information about the dust exposure risks related to the topic and the good practices and measures available to reduce them. The purpose of the training is to inform and educate workers, with the support of a trainer, to help them to use the control measures effectively and reduce their exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in the workplace.

The ‘Training pack bundle’ allows you to download all 13 PowerPoint training packs at once. Alternatively, you can download the packs individually.

Training Pack Bundle
Intro to rcs
basic Good practices
General ventilation
Cleaning & Hygiene
Wet processes
Systems of packaging
Maintenance, service & Repairs
Enclosure of Processes
Enclosed Handling Systems
Cutting, Grinding & Sanding
Bag emptying
Dust Monitoring